This week has been one of the busiest of the year, yet it’s only the first month of the year. The boys are back at school, their new school, so I am back to being home alone. The day I dropped them off was just a disaster! First I had to be up to get some ‘guilt work’ done….that’s working from home sending some few emails so that the boss can see that working from home does work.

But in this case the ‘guilt work’ was really about serious work! The intention was to put in two hours of work, pack the boys bags into the car, wash, go buy a phone card for the boys and then drive to school. All of these things had to happen before 10, needless to say I was running fashionably late and the boys saw this and they decided to pack their bags, leaving the plastic bag with hangers…

This is no disaster, but I made it like one, wanted to drive back home from school for hangers, forgetting I could just go to a shop nearby.

By the time I left the school, I had real used that it all had nothing to do with the coat hangers, but had everything to do with the advent of loneliness.

I love being alone, yet I do not like feeling lonely

Camp Coachella

Thanks for sharing, feel like I was part of the festival

Two More Dead

Just kidding, I'm the one in summery festival wear. Can you spot me? I’m the drunk one.

So, I’m back. Cue the party poppers and the loud reverie of all my adoring fans. If you just hear crickets, don’t worry, that IS the reverie, those ARE my fans. I do very well on the insect circuit.


Anyway. I’m writing this because you asked me to make a post about my Coachella experiences.  This is me doing just that. It’s funny. When you initially asked me to write about it, I balked pretty hard. I was already self conscious about going to (what I perceived to be) an event people attend solely so they can say they were there, now I had to become what I hate most by actually blogging about it. But then we got to Palm Springs and we all started drinking and I quickly forgot notions of propriety and my stupid high horse (I’ve since…

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Life happens

I committed myself to at least one post per week at the beginning of the year…I have failed dismally.

Life happens! Work has been hectic and too consuming. Early morning start and late evenings. I have even neglected jogging. Stress levels are at a peak, snapping at things and people which is not a good thing at all.

Anyway, I am writing this while sitting in the car waiting for my twins to finish their hockey practice so that I can give them their phones, torches and earphones in preparation for their hockey weekend.

Hope to back soon

New Years Eve happened

As I drove to the New Year’s Eve service with my mom, I so wanted the year to end so that I can get back to normality and we were just a few hours away from 2014.

2013 has not been a great year, what with kidney failures, endometriosis and some form of cancer! My body took a beating and at one stage I was waning away right before my eyes. So a light chat with my mom made me come to terms with what I went through while in hospital and in recovery. My family saw right through me while I thought I had it together! Tough cookie my ass. My mom told me how they would all be silent not knowing what to say about my state of health, they worried that I would not make it and she admits that she has never prayed so much in her whole entire life.

I am glad 2013 is over, I have not set any resolutions, I just want to live, laugh and love…..


Beyonce: Entertainer or Artist? (And Why Does It Matter?)

Bey is more than an entertainer, she personifies more and is viewed differently by her fans


TW: racism, sexism

1372788533_beyonce-knowles-concert-467Since Beyoncé Knowles-Carter’s surprise album release last week, she’s been the focus of a lot of conversations in my life. Judging by my Facebook feed, she’s been the focus of many others’ conversations, too. One interesting word choice keeps coming up again and again: entertainer. In the search for a concise way of describing her, we’ve collectively fallen on that one. The appeal is quite understandable, as one site attempts to summarize what she does by listing her as “an American singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, dancer and fashion designer”. “Entertainer” is a much simpler way of acknowledging her various talents and loads of hard work without obviously forgetting anything.

And so that’s the word we’ve increasingly chosen to stand alone for what Beyoncé does. From CNBC to L.A. Reid, talking about Beyoncé primarily — if not exclusively — as an “entertainer” has become the norm. To…

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